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Your Personal Property Shopper

Personal Property Shopper

A Personal-Property-Shopper is a real estate professional whose sole mission is to find the absolute best property for the buyer.

The Personal-Property-Shopper analyzes the needs of the buyer, defines a personal real estate profile together with him and uses this profile to search for the property that meets the buyer wishes in the entire real estate market (inclusive off-market).

  • The Personal-Property-Shopper is not like a traditional real estate agent who acts as an intermediary between the seller of the property and the buyer. The Personal-Property-Shopper works exclusively for the buyer.
  • Personal-Property-Shopper is in constant negotiations with the property sellers to get the best price for the buyer. The Personal-Property-Shopper negotiates for the buyer and is only obligated to the buyer.
  • A real estate agent is engaged in the sale of real estate. A Personal-Property-Shopper focuses on the needs of the buyer and analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of selected properties with him.
  • A real estate agent sells a property regardless of whether it is a good investment or not. A Personal-Property-Shopper analyzes the expected return and advises the buyer on the suitability of the property, its location and structural/technical features.
  • Personal-Property-Shopper SAVES YOU 70% OF YOUR VALUABLE TIME, especially if you do not live in the country where you want to buy a new property: 
    • Access to on- and off-market properties  
    • Market knowledge: knows the current offers, the prices and the regional conditions
  • Personal-Property-Shopper SAVES YOU BETWEEN 10% – 20% ON THE FINAL PURCHASE PRICE:
    • Negotiation skills: conducts daily negotiations 
    • Contacts to well known selected partners: construction companies, architects, developers, lawyers and owners. Allows access to potential properties that are not yet on the market (off-market). This access enables lower prices and faster processing of purchases of properties.

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View highlighted properties currently listet with CELEST.


View highlighted properties currently listet with CELEST.


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